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3D Wrist Support Mousepad


Shuu Sakurai mousepad with wrist support [LEFTOVER STOCK]

  • This is leftover stock from preorders that were taken earlier this year. All leftover merchandise is expected to ship within 7 days of the purchase.
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A 3D wrist support mouse pad with a rubbery base for and printed fabric. It portrays Shuu laying in bed in front of the viewer in shorts, thigh highs, and his usual sweater. Packaged in a plastic ziploc bag as shown in the reference image.

There is a protective plastic covering the base of the mouse pad. Remove if desired.

All leftover merchandise is expected to ship within 7 business days of the purchase.

The main product image is a mockup for reference purposes. Actual item may differ slightly.

Dimensions: 21.5*25.5cm

Weight: 350g

Material: Rubber Bottom + Fabric Surface

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 34.29 × 25.5 × 3.00 cm

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